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Excel Chart Selector and Chart Cleaner

Want to create quick, clean, and appropriate Excel charts? Charts that show off your data in a smart way? Charts that get rid of grey backgrounds, huge labels, and annoying fluff? (Also known as chartjunk). Juice Analytics are so-called "information … Continue reading

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Determine Pressure Drop in Straight Pipe

How can you determine the pressure drop, also known as pressure loss or ΔP1, of a piece of straight pipe? Any fluid mechanics textbook will describe in detail the process you can use, the reasons why it works, and the … Continue reading

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Top 3 General Chemical Engineering References

The best general engineering and chemical engineering resources I've found. Forums,  top design articles, and a toolbox. Sounds like a good way to start the blog. These are websites that I regularly use. Websites I am often quoting or passing … Continue reading

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Welcome to! My name is Jason and I'm a young process designer; that's a job in the field of  chemical engineering. I specialize in helping organizations select and fit together the major equipment and steps in the process of … Continue reading

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