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Heat Exchanger Fluid Allocation: Shellside or Tubeside?

It’s the first question to hit you with every shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It comes up when you are designing a heat exchanger, or just trying to draw one into a process sketch, process flow diagram, or piping and instrumentation diagram. … Continue reading

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Don’t lose your access to

If you took somebody's advice and subscribed to you had better read THIS article on keeping yourself on the mailing list.  They are moving to a new website platform and seem to be trying to draw more people to … Continue reading

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Unit operations that cannot be simulated

Refinery Process Modeling by Gerald Kaes is a great book on using commercial process simulation packages to model refineries and related processes. But Kaes admits that 5 unit operations cannot be adequately simulated by typical commercial simulation software. I thought … Continue reading

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