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Welcome to smartprocessdesign.com! A handy source for advice on process design, chemical and mechanical engineering, business tasks, cost analysis, and more! I write in a friendly "buddy in the office" style about real world problems and try to give useful resources, tricks and tools to help you power through problems at work and in life. If this is your first visit, I recommend reading the first post.

Printing Articles and Viewing Comments:

Click on the title of any individual post to jump to it's unique page. From there, you can view comments. There is a "print this page" button so you can view the article in a printer-friendly format.

Try http://smartprocessdesign.com/?mobile and /?nomobile to switch to and from a mobile-friendly, iPhone-friendly version.

If you look along the sidebar, there are multiple ways to search for through old posts: google search, by category, and a "simple search" that returns just a list of posts to your query.

Tip: The google search may not appear if you have an adblock plug-in for your web browser.

Subscribers & Comment Policy:

You can use the subscription controls on the right side of the site to log-in as a unique user for making comments, and to opt-in to weekly email updates if you like.  If you prefer, don't log in. You can still make anonymous comments.

I reserve the right to delete spam, rude, illegal, or otherwise undesirable comments at any time. Keep things civil and helpful. However, just because a comment is left in does not mean that I agree with it.

Also, be aware that this blog has some automatic protection to block incoming spam. If you feel your comment is being unfairly blocked, let me know.


I intend to make very minor corrections to links, spelling/grammar, etc. to posts as I see them.

If I make any large correction I will mention it in the post, or add a new post.

This About page will be updated as required.

Terms of Use / Disclaimer:

This is a free blog meant to give people some ideas and advice to point them in the right direction. Because of that, there's no way I can provide any guarantees: financial, legal, or moral. Also, as you ought to know, there may be assumptions made in any procedure or article that don't apply to your situation, or considerations that I'm not able to mention. Additionally, depending on where you live, some kinds of tasks are protected by law so that only qualified people can undertake them. I have to assume that yourself, or another person in your team of appropriately qualified professionals, will be on hand to validate things and implement them properly. Don't take chances. And remember to have your work checked by peers.

By viewing this site you agree that all information, opinions, and tools are presented "as-is" without any guarantee or warranty about their accuracy or applicability. This includes a lack of any guarantee of their fitness for purpose or merchantability. This site cannot and does not take the place of professional advice tailored to your individual circumstances. You take all responsibility and liability for any outcomes express, implied, or incidental as a result of viewing this site and release it's authors, subscribers, comment posters, readers, and website hosts from any legal responsibility or expectations of any standard of care. If you disagree, do not view this site.

The administration of this site reserves to right to edit these terms of use at any time without notice.

No employers, employees, or clients, past present or future, are in any way involved with or condoning this website.

You are free to distribute these articles or make personal copies as long as the source is indicated.

Privacy Settings:

We use Google Analytics Demographics Reports, which provides anonymous demographic data (age, gender, etc. breakdown) via cookies. You can use this tool to opt-out.

Authors of referenced and linked material:

Have I linked to something you've done? I am only referencing information that is free to the public to view. If you want to add some info, or want the link removed, just let me know.

Artists/Photographers linked to:

Any art or photographers I use was marked as free for re-use, and I will attribute it whenever possible. If you want your material removed, or want the link changed, contact me.

Contributing Authors:

If you are interested in contributing articles, I am open to it. In addition to full credit, you can give readers your contact information and advertise your services at the end of the article. When contacting me, please give some indication of what you want to write about and how it fits into the topics of this blog.

Contact Info:

You can reach out to the Admin, Jason, at smartprocessdesign {at} gmail {dot} com. We can also connect at LinkedIn if you like.

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