Advice to Sketch and Design Machined Parts

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I found some great tips on designing machined metal parts. How to design parts that are cheaper and easier to produce. How to provide clear, helpful drawings and instructions to the machinist shop. How to avoid making costly mistakes.

I found it pretty interesting even though I'm not in the business myself.

CAD model and CNC machined part

CAD model and CNC machined part

Read it here:

Read below if you want an interesting, rambling side story from my past:

When I was working my first engineering summer job, I had to sort out a stack of dusty old books in the basement and get them into a proper engineering library. One of those books was a guide for the young, apprenticing machinist. This book was from the 1930's or so.

In addition to the technical information, they had a few pages of "advice for the young machine shop boy." (I suppose there were no women at the time?). What followed was a grandfatherly treatise on how to be happy at work. To paraphrase:

Who is happier? The lazy, dullard boy, who just puts one action blindly after the other and cannot wait to escape to his home? Or the bright, alert, and curious young man, eager to learn and better himself and the shop? Who is more engaged and happier during the day? Who is more likely to be promoted?

It provided a nice break in the day.

Although it had nothing on my copy of the first edition of the Boy Scout manual printed in America. The manual provided gems like "a good scout always smiles," an entire section about helping old ladies across the street, and a vague passage in the health section that seemed to subtly refer to abstaining from masturbation. And from the conduct session: "did you know that Abraham Lincoln is the ideal model of every young boy?"

The manual also limited certain badges to boys who met levels of achievement: not only certain requirements of physique and decorum, but who could manage to save at least $1 each year in the bank.

Good times.

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