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HYSYS Shortcuts for Stream Flags / Labels

Another tip for Aspentech's HYSYS process simulator today. At the simulation PFD, streams by default are labeled with their stream name. However, you can change the stream flag to show different info, which can help you get a quick visual … Continue reading

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Value Improvement Practices (VIP) Guide Words

A Value Improvement Process (VIP) session, also known as Value Engineering, is a meeting that tries to analyze a design and find ways to improve the “value” the project provides to those undertaking it. This usually means saving money, but … Continue reading

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pH System Modeling and Control

When dealing with acids and bases, the subject of pH and pH control often comes up. In this post we'll discuss some methods of modelling acidic and basic streams and talk a little about the practical difficulties in controlling pH … Continue reading

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Free and Legal Access to MS Word, Excel, Office

Need to get access to Microsoft Office for a new PC, but don’t have the cash on hand to get the latest version just yet? Try these free and legal options: Microsoft Starter 2010 – Free "light" versions of Word … Continue reading

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Chemical Plant Safety Tips Easily Forgotten

Today, a handful of safety lessons which are easy to forget when visiting a chemical plant: Dangerous chemicals: Every plant worth its salt will have Material Safety Datasheets (MSDSs) in prominent locations, and proper training, for each hazard. These sheets … Continue reading

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