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Why American Women Graduates are Quitting Engineering

So I dug into another "women in engineering" report, trying to see if anyone had cracked the code on why women tend to leave engineering 2-3x more often, despite being just as qualified. It's a 64-page review of graduates all … Continue reading

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Mastering B2B (Business to Business) Sales

B2B is where one company tries to a product, service, software, or system to a different company. Equipment vendors, consultants, and software developers will all want to check out this article I found. The End of Solution Sales, in the … Continue reading

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Carbon Capture and Storage Cost Comparison

So I was doing some digging and found some old notes I had made while reading about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) techniques. These are schemes that seek to trap Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and store it somewhere, usually underground, rather … Continue reading

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Convert Units Easily with Factor-Label Unit Conversion

Converting units is a very common work task, and trying not to get tripped up by it is a real pain at times. I'm sure you've already read the Mars Rover and other trite examples, so what can we do? … Continue reading

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Sorry for the service hiccup, we are back. I may have some posts about project economics and Net Present Value, materials handling, pressure/vent calculations, or other items in the future.

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