Excel Chart Selector and Chart Cleaner

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Want to create quick, clean, and appropriate Excel charts? Charts that show off your data in a smart way? Charts that get rid of grey backgrounds, huge labels, and annoying fluff? (Also known as chartjunk).

Juice Analytics are so-called "information visualization experts" - which means they help companies review their data, do business analysis, etc. I like to follow their Juice Analytics Blog. In this post I will highlight two of their tools that will help the busy Excel user who doesn't know much about making good charts.

Fixing Excel Charts - This Excel Chart Cleaner is an easy-to-install tool that works with the more common Excel charts. It will help you quickly create a professional-looking chart that shows off your data well.

Excel Chart Chooser Intro // Direct Link This tool will just give you a clean chart, much like the tool above. You can then enter your own data in. This tool also suggests a chart type that is good for you, depending on what kind of data you are trying to show. Go here if you don't know what kind of chart to use.

See if these speed up your work.

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