HYSYS Shortcuts for Stream Flags / Labels

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Another tip for Aspentech's HYSYS process simulator today. At the simulation PFD, streams by default are labeled with their stream name. However, you can change the stream flag to show different info, which can help you get a quick visual overview of the system. Learn these hotkeys:

  • Displays Inlet Nozzle Elevation           SHIFT I
  • Displays Stream Mass Flow Rates       SHIFT M
  • Displays Stream Molar Flow Rates     SHIFT F
  • Displays Stream Names (Default)       SHIFT N
  • Displays Object Description                  SHIFT R
  • Displays Outlet Nozzle Elevation         SHIFT O
  • Displays Stream Pressures                     SHIFT P
  • Displays Stream Temperatures             SHIFT T
  • Pan Display:                                               Arrow keys
  • Pan Display Further:                                SHIFT+Arrow Keys
  • Rotate Objects:                                          1 (90°), 2 (180°), 3 (270°), N (return to default orientation)
  • Mirror Objects:                                           X (X-axis mirror), Y (Y-axis mirror), N (return to default orientation)
  • Selecti Object Label (to move, etc.)         L
  • Break Stream Connection                         B (Hold B and left-click)
  • Undo                                                              CTRL Z

These are especially useful for troubleshooting Dynamic Simulations, where you want to monitor what the file is doing over time.

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