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If you took somebody's advice and subscribed to you had better read THIS article on keeping yourself on the mailing list.  They are moving to a new website platform and seem to be trying to draw more people to their community. So you've got to create a user account to keep receiving e-mails. (Even if you never use it to post anything yourself).

On that note, they have a few users starting to blog. Two interesting picks from "Ankur" that could prove especially helpful to students or new workers:

FAQ on Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Technology Part 1

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  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the follow up message with regards to the changes at I’ve put together a blog posting detailing the changes that we’re implementing. You can find it here:

    We’ve tried to make the process of preserving your account as easy as possible and it should only take a few moments to get a new password up and running. Then, all of our users will have a single sign on for the site.

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