Use Google to Solve Engineering Problems

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Google is obviously the most popular search engine today. But did you know Google can solve problems directly? Simple math, unit conversion, money conversion, looking up definitions and weather, you can do this right by typing into the google search engine!

I'm not suggesting you use Google to solve difficult problems. But for sheer convenience, when you need a quick unit conversion or don't have your calculator in a the meeting, this can't be beat.

Check out the Google Features Page and see which items interest you. Things like:

  • Calculator: directly type in math problems like 60*60*24*365 to find out the number of seconds in a year
  • Unit conversion: I type in 24 lb in kg and get my answer
  • Definitions: I type define: thermodynamics. Typing define: ensures that it tries immediately to comb dictionaries for a solution. (Tip: if the define: command does not work, then you probably have a very unusual word. In these cases, I find that if I just do a search on the word I am trying to define, then the top results of my search will probably be definitions of the word!)
  • Taking a trip? Search 500 Canadian dollars in US Dollars

Found any other useful things? Comment here!

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