Interesting facts at one year anniversary

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Ok, so I'm a month behind our one year anniversary. Sue me. I thought I'd share some fun & interesting statistics about the site in this quick little post.

Most Popular Posts

The most popular post by far is our Relief Valve Introductory Series. Other hits were the P&ID checklist and Visio Tricks.

Also quite popular were Hysys Thermodynamic Notes, Crane TP 410, and Pressure Drop in Straight in a Straight Pipe.

Special mention goes to the Halloween Costume post, which I wrote on a whim and took off like a rocket. Naturally, it's popularity peaked sometime before January.

My favourites

Some posts I think you should try are the TRIZ brainstorming introduction, the eight hour year, and the Excel Chart Cleaner. They may give you a little tweak in how you see problems at work.


We've had visitors from almost every country in the world, excepting parts of Africa. Main sources are the U.S., India, U.K., and Canada.

There is some guy with a mobile phone in the U.K. who keeps indexing the entire site every few months.

What's Next?

Some upcoming articles I'm considering:

  • Determining control valve pressure drops during your initial hydraulic designs
  • Advice for working with electrical engineers on load lists and area classification diagrams
  • A key interview tip to handle questions about your past
  • Chess: 3 principles that will take you from beginner to intermediate
  • Refining: How to estimate the amount of cracked gas generated by vacuum unit heaters
  • Air pollution: What you need to calculate for an air dispersion calculation
  • Advice for business trips
  • A book suggestion that will permanently decrease the boredom you experience in life (tip: you can already find it in the store)
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